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Rigid Rollstock

Clear Lam manufactures rigid rollstock that ranges from 11 mil to 55 mil.  We produce mono layer sheet, coextrusions, and laminations that focus on two main families of environmentally friendly plastics. They are polyesters and polylactic acid (PLA).

Clear Lam is skilled in manufacturing both virgin and recycled polyester.  The recycled polyester is derived from post-consumer recycled water and soda bottles as well as from controlled post-industrial scrap.  The newest product line is PETLite™, Clear Lam’s mechanically foamed PET, intended to replace HIPS, styrofoam, and other rigid packaging materials.

PLA is derived from renewable resources.  In North America, it comes from corn.  In other areas of the world it may come from other plant forms such as sugar cane.

Clear Lam’s rigid rollstock is used by many food processors in form fill and seal application and by thermoformers to make packaging for fresh foods, shelf stable products, as well as electronics, and other industrial products.





PETLite™ (Foamed PET)

Barrier Laminations

Metallized Thermoformable Laminations

PLA (Renewable)

Manufacturing Capabilities

Clear Lam operates multiple extrusion lines capable of producing one to five layer structures.  In-line laminating capability is available along with off-line laminating.  Custom formulations are developed for specific applications.  In-line and off-line slitting is available.  Test extruders and sample formers are available to validate performance of materials.


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