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PETLite™ rollstock from Clear Lam is a new, safe, mechanically foamed, polyester designed to primarily replace high impact polystyrene and stryrofoam, as well as compact PVC, PET or PP.

PETLite rollstock is produced using a minimum of 50% recycled polyester in combination with virgin PET resin.

The material is foamed using nitrogen, a safe and inert gas. The proprietary licensed technology does not use chemical foaming agents. The nitrogen gas is pumped into the molten polyester plastic, creating very uniform and small gas bubbles. This foaming reduces the density (weight) of the finished rollstock by 30% or more compared to standard polyester.

Best of all, because it does not use chemicals, it can be easily recycled without contaminating the recycling stream.

PETLite rollstock can be used on existing form fill seal machines or on industrial thermoforming lines. The material can also be laminated to further enhance barrier properties.


PetLite™ rollstock is extruded and foamed by a mechanical process using a combination of virgin PET and post-consumer recycled content. PetLite™ rollstock can be either used on form-fill-seal equipment or on industrial thermoformers.

PetLite™ rollstock becomes a retail package for use by the consumer. After use, consumers can put the package into the recycling stream.

PetLite™ rollstock enters the recycling stream with clear or colored PET bottles. PetLite™ packaging is reprocessed and re-extruded to be used to manufacture more PetLite™ packaging.

Reduced Environmental Impact


Can reduce the amount of plastic used by 30% or more. Less virgin or recycled plastic is needed to make PETLite™ resulting in less railcars and trucks used in the supply chain.


Contains up to 50% or more recycled polyester plastic


Consumers understand PET. Can be recycled with other clear or colored polyester bottles.




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