Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. New Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film Finalist for PMA Impact Award - 10/17/2012

Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. New Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film Finalist for PMA Impact Award

Elk Grove Village, Ill. (Oct. 23, 2012) – New Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film developed by Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. is a finalist for the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Impact Award: Excellence in Packaging. The new Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film replaces preformed rigid lids and shrink bands with a consumer-friendly design representing the next generation in tray applications. Each PMA Impact Award finalist is carefully evaluated in five areas of excellence including marketing, sustainability, consumer convenience, food safety, and supply chain efficiency/functionality.

Developed for multi-use applications, the new tamper evident Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film opens easily and reseals to the package with a light touch. Compared to packaging containers with a rigid lid, the Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film reduces weight by as much as 30 percent, improves shipping cube, and provides an enhanced safety seal.

“For most food processors and retailers today, sustainability has become not just an option, but a normal course of doing business,” said James Sanfilippo, president and CEO, Clear Lam Packaging. “This is translating into growing demand for packaging solutions like our Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film that help companies meet their sustainability goals while providing improved efficiencies and cost advantages.”

The resealable packaging material’s reduced weight compared to preformed, rigid lids helps companies save on transportation and fuel costs. In addition, warehousing space is significantly reduced because storing rolls of film versus preformed parts requires a much smaller area.

A recent study from PricewaterhouseCoopers with manufacturers, retailers, government and trade bodies, and consumer packaged goods companies finds that perceptions about sustainable packaging have changed since the economic downturn. Instead of using sustainable packaging as an umbrella term, suppliers, processors and manufacturers should take a holistic view. In addition to considering the sustainability footprint of packaging, how the packaging performs and how commercially acceptable the packaging is to consumers and customers are key considerations when making manufacturing and merchandising decisions.

“Today’s consumer is more sophisticated and price sensitive, so any packaging improvement must provide tangible benefits,” said James Sanfilippo, president and CEO of Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. “That’s why Clear Lam’s focus is on developing packaging that addresses real consumer needs while meeting our customers long-term sustainability initiatives.”

Easy to open and close, the Peel and ReSeal Lidding Film is well suited for foods and snacks such as cut lettuce, vegetables, fruits, nuts and other produce items.

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About Clear Lam Packaging:

Founded in 1969, Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of rigid and flexible packaging materials for thousands of food, industrial goods and personal healthcare products. Vertically integrated from design to manufacturing, Clear Lam specializes in printed films and rigid rollstock. Clear Lam operates three manufacturing plants in the U.S. and China and employs over 500 people. A full-service polymer lab provides a wide range of services. 

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