Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. Expands Forming Films Division with $2 Million Investment in Rigid Rollstock Manufacturing - 10/15/2012


Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. Expands Forming Films Division with  $2 Million Investment in Rigid Rollstock Manufacturing 

Elk Grove Village, Ill. (Sept. 19, 2012)
– Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. has completed an expansion of its Forming Films Division through a $2 million investment in new manufacturing equipment and technologies for its Elk Grove Village, Ill., facility. This investment increases Clear Lam’s manufacturing capacity for a variety of rigid plastic rollstock used by thermoforming companies and processors that operate vertical form, fill and seal equipment to produce a range of consumer goods packaging.

The main addition to the Illinois manufacturing plant is a new sheet co-extruder that will add 15 million additional pounds of capacity. This equipment gives Clear Lam increased output of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), rPET (recycled polyethylene terephtalate), PLA (polylactic acid) and BioPET (biopolyethylene terephthalate) rollstock. In addition, Clear Lam has added slitting capacity to satisfy the demand for material with tight tolerances. Because Clear Lam produces many specialty blends of materials that improve low temperature impact strength, clarity and sealability, new blending equipment has also been installed.

“Clear Lam is committed to growing its Forming Films business through our investment in new technologies and equipment representing the latest co-extrusion advancements,” said James Sanfilippo, president and CEO of Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. “With new polymer technologies and our continued innovation in the development of new sustainable packaging formats, we see rigid rollstock as a growth area especially in the food and personal health care segments.”

Applications for rigid rollstock include prepared foods, fresh produce, meats, cheeses, dairy items and non-food items. Clear Lam develops monolayer and multi-layer films and blends used to produce contemporary rigid packaging solutions.
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About Clear Lam Packaging:

Founded in 1969, Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of rigid and flexible packaging materials for thousands of food, industrial goods, and personal healthcare products. Vertically integrated from design to manufacturing, Clear Lam specializes in printed films and rigid rollstock. Clear Lam operates three manufacturing plants in the U.S. and China and employs over 500 people. A full-service polymer lab provides a wide range of services. 


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