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Clear Lam develops and manufactures flexible and rigid rollstock used to package food and non-food products.  Our packaging helps to extend product freshness and protects the products from being damaged.  Most of Clear Lam’s materials are used to package fresh and healthy food items.  Other Clear Lam materials are used to package home and personal care items such as wet naps, lotions, and detergents.  In addition, specialty Clear Lam materials are used to package medical kits, pet foods, electronics, toys, and cosmetics.

Condiments, Dips, Salad Dressings

Clear Lam is a market leader in liquid condiment packaging.  A variety of multi-layer barrier films are offered for portion control condiment pouches with varying levels of chemical resistance.  A full line of lidding films are also available for dips, soups, and sauce cups for retail as well as foodservice.  They are designed to seal to a variety of containers on tray sealers and form-fill-seal machines.  These lidding films can withstand various processing conditions and are available with barrier and anti-fog properties.

Bulk & Foodservice

A variety of multi-layer barrier films are offered for bulk condiments and sauces.  We also offer clear and metallized bag-in-box films for use in various applications.  Specialty films are also available for bulk liquids and dairy that can withstand high fill temperature requirements.


Specialty films and rigid rollstock are offered for sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, butter and other dairy items.  We offer a full line of lidding films that seal to various substrates and can withstand different processing methods.  Barrier and anti-fog options are available.

Nuts, Snacks, Confections

High barrier films are provided for nuts, dried fruits, granola and other snack mixes for various packaging formats.  Barrier can be customized to suit your application, and special print finishes can also be applied to give a unique look and feel.  We also produce barrier lidding that is compatible for a variety of substrates for tray sealers as well as form-fill-seal applications.


A variety of lidding and bag films are offered along with semi-rigid rollstock for trays.  Laser perforated structures as well as polymer blends are offered to achieve required transmission rates to help extend freshness of the vegetables and fruits being packaged.  Anti-fog technologies and peel reseal systems are provided.

Meat & Cheese

High barrier flexible and rigid rollstock is provided for vertical form-fill-seal and horizontal form-fill-seal applications. Bulk as well as retail formats are supported.  High barrier lidding films that are compatible for a variety of substrates for tray sealers as well as form-fill-seal applications are also available.

Fresh & Convenient Meals

High barrier films for lock-up and peelable applications are offered in both flexible and rigid formats.  Flow wrap film, lidding structures, pouchstock, and tray stock are all offered to package fresh and convenient meals.

Home & Personal Care

Specialty laminations are provided for wet tissues, lotions, detergents, and grooming supplies.


Clear Lam also provides flexible and rigid films outside the food consumer products markets where oxygen, moisture, and aroma barrier is important.  Such products include medical kits, pet food, electronics, toys, and cosmetics.