PrimaPak™ is the newest Clear Lam development. The technology creates the first flexible, stackable, recloseable package designed to replace cans, bottles, and jars.

The package is produced on Vertical Form Fill Seal equipment from rollstock. and is engineered to maximize manufacturing, warehousing, cubing, shipping, and merchandising efficiencies.

PrimaPak™ features our latest Peel and Re-Seal technology, which eliminates the need for rigid lids/banding and gives consumers an intuitive, easy-to-open and close lid.

Our printed barrier film and Peel and Re-Seal technology provide your brand with the opportunity to deliver messaging on all six (6) sides of the container….generating more opportunities to communicate with consumers.


• Stackable
• Produced from Rollstock
• Recloseable feature included
• Reduces weight
• Efficiently replaces cans, bottles, and jars
• Intuitive easy open/close feature
• Greater manufacturing and warehousing efficiencies 
• Maximizes billboard on pack and shelf
• Excellent vertical strength and dead-fold properties
• Allows for more facings/SKUs per shelf
• Reduces truck shipments
• Less cubic feet of landfill space
• Optimized palletizing and cubing

Peel & ReSeal Lidding Film Technology

Clear Lam launched a new peel reseal lidding film program designed to replace rigid lids and shrink bands. The product line can be used for produce applications, meats, cheeses, snacks, candies as well as non food applications. By replacing rigid lids with resealable lidding film various benefits are created including:

• Weight reduction

• Truck savings

• Warehouse savings

• Labor savings

• Enhanced shelf life



Laser Scoring and Perforating

The newest laser systems were installed at Clear Lam to score films for easy opening and to perforate materials to create specific transmission rates.


• Perforations for controlled breathability

• Scoring for easy opening feature

• Registered or random

• Varying hole sizes to meet specific product requirements


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