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Company History

Clear Lam was founded in 1969.  Since its early years, the spirit of innovation has been an integral part of the organization.  From the development of liquid packaging films in the 1970s to support the growth of quick service restaurants, to the creation of sustainable packaging made from renewable resources in recent years, Clear Lam has been a driving force of creativity and problem solving.

Over the years, Clear Lam has invested in many technologies.  We’ve started, grown, and sold several businesses including the equipment and thermoforming divisions.  Today Clear Lam operates facilities in the United States and China.  We focus on flexible and rigid packaging.

One thing has stayed the same since our inception, our culture.  It is one that promotes a positive, can-do attitude at every level of the company.  We look for ways to make things better for our customers and for consumers. Clear Lam is proud to be recognized as the thought leader in our industry.  Our goal is to continuously develop packaging for today’s changing lifestyles.  We are excited for the many new things yet to come.